Summer 2014---Day 1

Welcome To Margaret's TreeHouse!

At Margaret's TreeHouse, we are on mission to encourage, educate and equip youth to discover and live out their life's purpose. Utilizing out-of-school time, we offer youth a variety of programs to discover and explore their individual interest while providing parents a safe, secure, and supervised environment where their youths' lives can be enriched. Our vision is that those youth that actively participate in our programs will discover their purpose and live it out in a manner that results in a productive life.


Unfortunately, we are seeing a growing gap between the availability of quality out of school time services and the needs of Texas kids, families and communities. The lack of hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for youth outside the school day, and especially in summer months, has a negative impact on childhood nutrition and obesity, academic achievement and costs of remediation once the school year begins. Quality summer learning programs allow students to succeed in an innovative setting that prepares them for the coming school year. Margaret’s TreeHouse partners with Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools and Shelby Foundation Bible Bee to provide quality out of school time services.

In terms of academic achievement:

Summer year                    %  maintained or gained in instructional reading level

2013                                   100%              

2014                                    87.4%            

2015                                    64%                

These students did not experience summer learning loss. However, each year thus far, 96% of all children have been found to be on reading level according to their grade level.  In 2013, 7 children demonstrated a 2-year and 3-month increase in instructional reading level. In 2014, 14 children demonstrated at least a 9 month of increase in instructional reading level on average. In 2015, 11 children demonstrated at least a 2 month of increase in instructional reading level on average.